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For Immediate Release – July 11, 2011
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Veteran volunteer teaching great-grandson about serving others


The characteristics of a good volunteer are simple. Work hard, do what you are asked and don’t be afraid to put in a few extra hours on the weekends.

One Self Regional Healthcare volunteer has surpassed all of these expectations and more.

Clayton Langley, a volunteer at Self Regional since 1989, has served for over 22 years and contributed more than 4,000 hours serving the needs of patients and care givers.

Sandra Williams, the hospital’s Director of Volunteer Services, has made certain Langley’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. “This past April during Volunteer Appreciation Week, Mrs. Langley received the Jack Scott Services Excellence Award,” Williams noted.

“I enjoy meeting new people and helping them in any way I can,” Mrs. Langley said.

Her goodwill doesn’t stop at the door. Instead, she has passed on her love for helping others to her great-grandson, Wil Langley.

The younger Langley is a sophomore at Greenwood Christian and is currently in the Junior Volunteer summer program at Self Regional.

“There are many reasons why I am interested in the Junior Volunteer Program,” said the teen. “One of the reasons is my great-grandmother.”

“She has always enjoyed volunteering at the hospital and serves as an example to me how helping others and giving your time is so rewarding,” young Langley added.

Mrs. Langley is very proud that her great-grandson enjoys volunteering.

“A lot of kids won’t spend their summer volunteering. I am so happy to see Wil doing this,” Mrs. Langley beamed.

He will continue to volunteer at Self for the remainder of the summer. Sometimes he can be found working alongside his great-grandmother. You might say the Langleys are a family working together to help others.

Some grandparents pass on their looks to their grandchildren. Clayton Langley however has passed on her passion for community service and addressing the needs of others.